falling back

i recently received copies of three different publications i've been included in this past year; it feels strange to see work that seems to have been done so long ago in the context of being new, which i guess means this year has flown, as years will do. at any rate, the books in question are quite lovely publications, and i am proud to be part of them.

the first to arrive was The Rest Is Up To You, a collaborative effort between a young boy named cohen morano and 118 artists he admires. beyond admiring the various ways each artist responded to and embellished the work cohen sent them, it's enjoyable to read the occasional commentary provided by either cohen or the artist. this was a great project to be part of; very happy to have the lovely mel kadel's work facing mine!

the second is an australian publication, more a magazine than a book, called King Brown, and it features an interview with yours truly. it's not available in the states, but copies can be obtained online here. it's a beautifully printed volume with many wonderful interviews throughout. my favorite outcome of this interview was receiving an email from an australian asking if i could identify a creature in one of my collages, as he found them on the beach near his home all the time but had no idea what they were (which was glaucus atlanticus, a form of nudibranch).

and last but hardly least, my work can be found within the pages of Art For Obama, a wonderful volume documenting artworks created in support of obama's historic campaign for the presidency.

check them out if you have a chance ~ i just saw "the rest is up to you" on display at green apple yesterday. i'm proud to have been included in each of these fine tomes.