blood blossoms

i keep having nosebleeds, for about a month straight now. every time i blow my nose, my right nostril complains reddishly.

my mom recommended putting vaseline in my nose.
having vaseline in your nostril feels like breathing in a warm fog.

we must be having dry weather.

aura portraits

i really want to get my aura photographed

the "original" aura imaging system

i guess you can get it done for only 25$, seems like the kind of thing san francisco would go for so i bet there's one here. must find it.


stormy weather

i've been up all night obsessing over lightning photographs and aurora borealis time lapses online, among other wandering webby things which i should not be idling the hours away at.

aurora borealis:

a thunderstorm, i love the sounds of this one - completely takes me back to sitting on the screened-in porch during a good storm in iowa, the thunder and the sound of the rain on the roof:

i miss thunderstorms out here, they don't come this way.