rock paper scissors

went to the opening last night for a group show i'm part of in sausalito, along with my dear friend jane, whose new work is amazing.

wasn't really sure what to expect in sausalito but we had a great time, good turnout and i sold the above collage... a little sad to see it go. i've never shown the 'birds of ohio' series but it seemed like the right time... i think they were the first series where i felt successful in blending things believably, and in achieving an effect with only subtle changes to the source material. so it's nice to see them out there, and hopefully they find good homes. i know the above piece is in good hands... it's maybe sad that i care about who buys my work, but i do.


green apple

i was over at my favorite bookstore this evening, hunting for material. they've been doing a lot of purging of old stock and rearranging lately - a few times i haven't been able to find a section or two i usually hit up. the weird thing is, three of the main sections i seek out, which were previously a bit scattered, have now been merged into the same aisle.

i find this a little creepy, but convenient.

image by paul madonna


blood and water

went to the edward gorey 'dracula' exhibit at the cartoon art museum on sunday, as well as the nearby aquarium at the california academy of sciences. these visits were simultaneously belated and premature; the former, because the day before was a free for all, and premature because this weekend there is an exhibit opening at the academy of sciences which is sure to be fantastic - paintings by tiffany bozic based on the academy's natural history specimen collections. i imagine it will be something like ernst haeckel's paintings with a modern twist. awesome sneak preview of the show here on fecal face.

also, i am really looking forward to the academy's new building.

this has got to be my linkiest post yet. i don't think that's a word but i don't care.

images: top, edward gorey. lower, tiffany bozic.


non sequitur

lovely group show at ritual this month, guest-curated by sacha eckes. hope to see you at the opening!