this time of year i always want to listen to classical guitar. something about it reminds me of cozy evenings in on the first cold days of winter in iowa, curled up with a book in the living room. nevermind that we seem to be having a heatwave here in san francisco, or that it never even snows here, i've internalized the seasons.

here's a lovely rendition of handel's sarabande:

if you like it, i'd recommend parkening plays bach as an album, that's the one i grew up listening to.


unnatural disasters

a couple months ago, i was at the de young and saw this edwin hale lincoln exhibit. i found that i was particularly drawn to the photos with dark silvery backgrounds; it gave the wildflowers a wonderful luminosity. i thought i'd try a similar background on my next set of collages.

above is my personal favorite of the three i created; i love the way the contrast does give that luminosity, almost like the scenes are are moonlit, or being played out in the spotlight of a stage. they are currently on view at 111 minna here in SF as part of the lovely freak of nature group show.

there are several really wonderful artists in this show; it's also the last show i'm part of this year and i really enjoyed working on these collages for it. do please stop by before the 29th & check it out if you're in town...

in other news, 7x7 magazine here in town included me on their list of 14 bay area artists we love right now which i'm thrilled about.

lastly, and this is sort of funny to me since i'm no fashionista, but the sf style said some nice things about what i was wearing at the 111 minna opening last thursday. i think i need a haircut.