opening the door to go into the ladies' room at work this morning i had a brief premonition of encountering a ghost or dead body behind the door. this happens to me frequently, to the point where i half expect that at some point i really am going to have a ghostly visitation, or discover a dead body. generally i have these moments when opening doors to small windowless spaces or while wandering about in nature/swimming in natural bodies of water. i blame the excessive amounts of mystery! i used to watch while growing up (particularly lots of poirot).

anyway, this morning's ghostly flash got me thinking that most likely at some point in history, someone (or something) did die on the honorable spot which happens to now be the restroom of my employment. i mean, it's probable that things have lived and died on every square inch of this planet, all kinds of living things, for centuries. so now i'm vaguely pondering what, and how, and when; how many various incarnations each patch of earth has survived / what myriad of life cycles have played out upon them. makes me think of guest books.

painting by francis bacon